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Het Proximity Datacenter

Domineren de Cloudreuzen de markt? Staat de Lokale IT dienstverlening onder druk? Onze economie wordt steeds meer een digitale economie, en onze samenleving steeds meer een digitale samenleving. Dit wordt allemaal mogelijk gemaakt door de digitale infrastructuur. De infrastructuur voor deze clouddiensten wordt steeds meer gedomineerd door de Grote Vier: Amazon, Google, Microsoft en IBM. En zij drukken kleinere partijen volledig weg, volgens het bureau Canalys. Toch groeit de Datacentersector en is het naast kaas het nieuwe Nederlandse export product. Lees meer

Aerohive introduceert wifi-ap’s met iBeacon en AltBeacon technologie

Aerohive Networks, leverancier van controllerloze wifi- en cloudgebaseerde mobiele netwerkoplossingen, is een samenwerking aangegaan met Radius Networks, specialist op het gebied van proximity diensten en beacons. Door de samenwerking kunnen bedrijven uit de retail-, onderwijs- en zorgsector gebruik maken van een cloudgebaseerde wifi-infrastructuur die verrijkt is met proximity beacons en iBeacon en AltBeacon technologie. Lees meer

Trade agency to investigate Apple’s patent complaint

The U.S. International Trade Commission has voted to investigate a smartphone patent complaint brought by Apple against Motorola, the latest action in a recent patent dispute between the two companies. Lees meer

GSMA, Lighting Africa to sell excess power in rural areas

The falling pace of rural electrification projects and the desire of mobile network operators to raise average revenue per user have pushed the GSM Association to partner with Lighting Africa to sell excess power to communities. Lees meer

Profitable Proximity Sourcing 2011

At IDC Manufacturing Insights, we have recently conducted a supply chain survey of 204 US-based manufacturers asking them about their plans and priorities for global sourcing in 2011, and beyond. Specifically, the survey covers five areas: Lees meer

Asus G73Jw Laptop

Gamers looking for a powerful yet portable machine can stop looking. The Asus G73Jw is here. It's only a mild update to Asus's most recent previous lean, mean, gaming machine, the Core i7 740QM vs. a 1.6GHz 720QM), a Blu-ray combo drive, and improved battery life (2.5 hours vs. 1.75 hours), the G73Jw is definitely an upgrade. Unfortunately, Asus didn't redesign the notebook's exterior features at all, and the keyboard remains a serious weakness. Lees meer

Socitm urges CIOs to get ready for the Public Sector Network

The Public Sector Network (PSN), a secure private network for the public sector, has 'huge potential' to provide savings through shared infrastructure and services, Socitm has said. Lees meer

Top 10 network vulnerabilities inside the network

Today's state-of-the-art network security appliances do a great job of keeping the cyber monsters from invading your business. But what do you do when the monster is actually inside the security perimeter? Unfortunately, all of the crosses, garlic, wooden stakes and silver bullets in the world have little effect on today's most nefarious cyber creatures. Here are the top 10 ways your network can be attacked from inside and what you can do to insure your business never has to perform an exorcism on your servers. Lees meer

Vizio XVT553SV Is an HDTV Bargain

Vizio has built a reputation for manufacturing flat-screen TVs that deliver great value for the money, and the company's top-of-the-line 55-inch LED-backlit LCD TV, the XVT553SV, does not disappoint. Its suggested retail price of $2200 (as of October 1), is about two­-thirds that of the top-rated model on our chart, which it almost matches in features and image quality--and outperforms in energy efficiency. Lees meer

Intel opens first chip manufacturing plant in China

Intel announced the opening of its first ever chip manufacturing facility in Asia on Tuesday, in Dalian, China. Lees meer

Why Delay in Windows 8 Release is Great News

News leaked that Windows 8 is projected for some time in 2012, but the majority of the headlines out there have it backwards. It is being framed as some sort of unexpected revelation that the next OS will arrive so soon, but the fact is that the OS should be released in late 2011 and that this is a delay--albeit a very, very welcome delay. Lees meer

Google plans 1G bps test network at Stanford

Google is still evaluating applications for its Google Fiber high-speed broadband project, but one community is now on track to get a test version of the network. Lees meer

HTC Surround: Solid Windows Phone

The Surround is another solid smartphone offering from HTC. If you like the Windows Phone 7 experience (what's not to like?) this handset will not impede that experience in any way. Lees meer

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX 21 Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach used to be a name invoked when you wanted something higher spec than Creative's older, generic Sound Blaster audio cards. What you lost in native game support, you gained in ahead-of-the-curve audio engineering, and the cards themselves sounded less like geek tech than tropical respites, with names like Maui, Montego, Rio, Riviera, and Santa Cruz (contrast with Creative's comparably dull Pro, Pro 2, Awe32, Awe64, Audigy, and X-Fi). Lees meer

Zagat To Go for iPhone and iPad

I never remember how to pronounce “Zagat,” but I do recognize what the brand means: trusted, copiously-detailed reviews and ratings for restaurants all over the world. The universal app from Handmark combines data from more than 45 Zagat guides—for just $10. Lees meer

Microsoft aims at Salesforce.com with CRM offer

Microsoft is hoping to lure business away from Salesforce.com with a new offer that allows customers to buy Dynamics CRM Online seats for US$34 per user per month for the first year of service, a roughly 25 percent drop from the current $44 monthly charge. Lees meer

LG announces first Windows Phone 7 handset

LG has announced its first cell phone based on Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's new handset operating system. Lees meer

Quirky iPad Case

Quirky's $55 Cloak iPad Case is a sturdy, silicone iPad case with a folio-style rigid front cover to protect the iPad’s screen. Inside the cover are two plastic, fold-out kickstands, one for propping up the iPad in portrait mode, the other for landscape mode. The case’s pieces are all held together by a plastic hinge, making the Cloak feel slick and sturdy. Once you tuck the iPad into the Cloak’s silicone lining, you can access all buttons and ports. Lees meer

Morgan Stanley sacks social networking software developer

Morgan Stanley has fired a software developer who had become well known for building his own 'social network' among notoriously closed-off commuters on the New York subway. Lees meer

Motorola files patent lawsuits against Apple

Motorola has filed two patent lawsuits and a patent complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) alleging that a wide range of Apple products infringe its patents. Lees meer

Iran blames Stuxnet worm on Western plot

Iran today made its strongest statement yet that it believes a Western plot is behind the Stuxnet worm that has infected tens of thousands of computers in the country, including some at its sole nuclear power plant. Lees meer

Workflow improvements come to OmniFocus

Since its release this summer, OmniFocus for iPad has won praise for its powerful to-do tracking and management features. But it’s also been knocked as daunting to newcomers who have to get up to speed on OmniFocus’s particular approach to task management. Lees meer

Buffalo: Data center capital of America?

Fresh off the ribbon cutting of a brand new compute-intensive facility.   Lees meer

Biggest insider threat? Sys admin gone rogue

What's one of the biggest insider threats to the corporate network? The high-tech folks that put it together, make changes to it, and know more about what's on it and how it works than anybody else. Lees meer

Don’t Hold Your Breath for Verizon iPhone, says CEO

It'll likely arrive someday, just not as soon as we'd like. Apple smartphone coming to the largest U.S. wireless network. Lees meer

Ubuntu May ‘See’ and React to the Physical World

Canonical is experimenting with technology that could let users of future versions of Ubuntu control the operating system without an input device. Lees meer



Avanade benoemt Sebo Wijnberg tot General Manager Nederland, België en Frankrijk

Avanade heeft Sebo Wijnberg aangesteld als General Manager voor Nederland, België en Frankrijk.

Piet Beers algemeen directeur Hands on

Hands on heeft Piet Beers tot algemeen directeur benoemd
van de water

Gerard van de Water Channel Manager Benelux en Nordics Zerto

Zerto heeft Gerard van de Water benoemd tot Channel Manager voor de Benelux en Nordics-regio.