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IBM launches software lab in Massachusetts, announces mobile products

To help address the explosion in mobile devices, research projects at the opening of new software development lab in Massachusetts. Lees meer

Who’s next on the acquisition block? Bloggers chime in

Oracle buys Sun. HP buys 3Com. SAP buys Sybase. Just when it seemed like consolidation among the big data-center vendors had played itself out, we're off again at full tilt. Multiple trends are driving the latest acquisitions wave: The economy is recovering, customers are demanding systems that are easier to implement and vendors seem intent on collapsing the divide between servers, network and storage. Lees meer

What Do CEOs Want from CIOs?

Debates about how CIOs can earn a "seat at the table" have been going on for so long now that the phrase itself has become a tiresome cliche. Lees meer

HP Expands Battery Recall: Prevent Fire or Injury

If you have used a laptop computer, you are aware that they generate a substantial amount of heat. The battery is one of the components that generates the most heat, and in the case of specific batteries from HP, the heat may be enough to spark a fire or cause significant injury. That is why HP has expanded a recall to include an additional 54,000 batteries. Lees meer

VMware: Media overplaying our role in EMC-Cisco partnership

The significance of VMware's role in a three-way partnership with Cisco Systems and EMC has been overblown by the media, a senior VMware executive said, reaffirming the company's intention to remain neutral amidst competition between top hardware makers. Lees meer

René Hendriks verlaat Lenovo

René Hendriks verlaat Lenovo. Hij wordt als country leader opgevolgd door Niels van Rees. Hendriks’ taken als channel salesmanager worden verdeeld onder Chris Visser en Wilfred Noordam. Lees meer

Capellas (ex-Compaq) leidt Acadia

Michael Capellas, de voormalige baas van Compaq Computer, is door EMC en Cisco gevraagd hun gezamenlijke datacenterbedrijf Acadia te leiden. Lees meer

Michael Capellas to lead Acadia joint venture

EMC and Cisco have tapped former Compaq Computer CEO Michael Capellas to head their Acadia services joint venture, the companies said Thursday. Lees meer

Inspiron 580s: Slim, Fast, But Misses Mark

The Dell Inspiron 580s ($529, as of April 20, 2010) is in many ways a typical budget PC. Its main points of differentiation are a chassis that is slimmer than most in its category and generally strong performance for the price. Lees meer

History shows HP’s Palm buy can work

If history can help predict the future, then Hewlett-Packard has a good shot at aptly digesting Palm, analysts say. Lees meer

Palm users ‘giddy’ over HP’s buyout

Users on Palm blogs were generally euphoric about Wednesday's announcement that HP will buy the struggling smartphone maker in a deal . But there were skeptics, who offered cautions and raised concerns, ranging from HP's deftness in handling Palm's culture and talent, its close ties to Microsoft, and its overall weakness in the mobile market. Lees meer

HP to Buy Palm, Shake Up the Mobile World

could not only save webOS, but should also cause a few shivers for Microsoft. Lees meer

Waltham Forest using virtualisation for substantial savings

The London Borough of Waltham Forest has signed a £4.3 million infrastructure overhaul contract with IT services provider 2e2, as it moves to a virtualised setup that is fully hosted. Lees meer

HP starts damage control after China laptop buyer complaint

Hewlett-Packard extended the warranties on motherboards in certain laptops in China as it came under increasing criticism there for problems including overheating in some of its computers. Lees meer

Viewsonic VOT530: Small, Speedy, But Not Strong

If you can't stand the thought of a PC that's larger than a one-volume encyclopedia, Viewsonic's $750 (as of February 1, 2010) VOT530 is one of the speedier compact alternatives. Lees meer

Update Your Video Drivers After Installing Windows 7

I just installed Compaq laptop that was previously running Vista. It was a clean install, meaning I wiped the hard drive rather than simply upgrading the OS. (I had my reasons for doing so, but I won't bore you with them here.) Lees meer

HP’s smartbook may battle it out with Apple’s iPad

Hewlett-Packard's first smartbook, the Compaq AirLife 100, announced on Friday, could be a rival to Apple's iPad as the two companies aim to attract buyers looking for netbook alternatives, analysts said. Lees meer

Daniels verlaat HP Nederland

Hans Daniels wordt managing director General Western Europe en Vicepresident HP Enterprise Business. Een nieuwe chef voor HP Nederland is nog niet benoemd. Lees meer

HP to distribute music service on PCs in Europe

Hewlett-Packard will distribute a music service and software developed by Omnifone on over a dozen of its computer models sold in ten European nations, Omnifone said Monday. Lees meer

Former Seagate engineer says company destroyed evidence

A former employee of Seagate Technology claims that the company destroyed evidence that could have affected a long-standing patent infringement lawsuit filed against it by engineering company Convolve Inc. and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Lees meer

Top 10 tech stories of the decade

While the computer industry in the 1990s thrived as corporations re-engineered business processes to incorporate IT, this decade has seen technology truly become part of mainstream culture and commerce via the Internet and ever-cheaper and smaller computing devices. Yes, the Internet revolution began in the '90s, but it was not until this decade that 14-year-olds raced ahead of professionals in figuring out how to tap social networks with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of contacts. Here, in not-quite chronological order, are the top technology stories of the decade, selected by the IDG News Service for their singular impact on the industry as well as their emblematic status as examples of the trends that shaped the course of IT. Lees meer

Netbookmakers kiezen toch Windows 7 Starter

De meeste netbookleveranciers bieden de goedkopere, beperkte Starter-uitvoering van Windows 7, naast XP. Eerder toonden OEM's zich sceptisch over de instapversie van het nieuwe OS. Lees meer

HP gaat in telecom met MCC

HP heeft distributeur MCC in de arm genomen om note- en netbooks dieper in de telecommarkt te zetten. Daardoor kunnen kant en klare producten worden verkocht. Lees meer

Sneaky Fees

Recently, I renewed my XM Satellite Radio subscription. I had expected the service to cost $13 per month, since that was the amount the company advertised. I found out, however, that in addition to the $13, Sirius XM had implemented a new, monthly $2 "music royalty fee." I was annoyed, but I grudgingly agreed to the new add-on charge and said, "Send me the bill." Well, the Sirius XM rep replied, there was one more thing: I'd have to pay a $2 "invoice fee" if I wanted a paper bill mailed to my house. Lees meer

Asus, Apple provide most reliable PCs, survey says

Asus and Apple were the most reliable PC vendors in the U.S. during the second quarter this year, according to a survey released by Rescuecom on Tuesday. Lees meer

Apple Satisfaction Down from 2008, Others Way Up

Customers' satisfaction with American Consumer Satisfaction Index found Apple down 1.2 percent, while Compaq, HP, Gateway, Acer, and "all others" showed gains. Lees meer


Liquit benoemt Nico Zieck tot Senior IT Architect

Per 1 januari van dit jaar is Nico Zieck door Liquit benoemd tot Senior IT Architect.
de la mar

Ymor stelt Yoran de la Mar aan als Service Delivery Manager

Yoran de la Mar (49) is bij performancespecialist Ymor aangesteld als Service Delivery Manager.

Stephan Derksen nieuwe CEO van Unified

Stephan Derksen volgt Bart van Mierlo op als CEO van Unified en richt zich op ambitieuze groei van de organisatie.