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    Technical training A10

    Exertis organizes a 4 days technical training for resellers and end-users from  5th to 8th November 2018. This official training will be held in the office of Exertis in the Netherlands, Dordrecht. The training is in two parts (Sysadmin & ADC). Each of the 2 day modules wil  end with an exam and upon positive results a certificate.

    First 2 days;

    Section   0:  Course Introduction
    Section   1:  Initial Console Configuration
    Section   2:  ACOS Configuration
    Section   3:  Centralized Configuration Management: aVCS
    Section   4:  High Availability: VRRP-A
    Section   5:  Application Delivery Partitions (ADP)
    Section   6:  Role-based Administration
    Section   7:  Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
    Section   8:  Control Plane Logging
    Section   9:  SNMP
    Section   10:  aXAPI Overview

    Second 2 days;

    Section   0:  Course Introduction
    Section   1:  Load Balancing Concepts
    Section   2:  HTTP
    Section   3:  HTTPS
    Section   4:  ACOS Acceleration
    Section   5:  Policy Based Server Load Balancing (PBSLB)
    Section   6:  aFleX
    Section   7:  Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) Concepts
    Section   8:  GSLB Policy
    Section   9:  ACOS Troubleshooting
    Section 10:  Web Application Firewall

    Training Delivery Modality:
    • Led by official and certified trainer of A10 (English)
    • Certification of engineers and/or maintain current A10 partner status
    • Expand knowledge of products A10 and boost sales

    This class is taught over 4 business days.

    Intended Audience:
    System engineers, channel partners, service partners, end users.

    Duration: 4 Business days, starts at 09.30 till 17.30 hours.

    This training includes F&B, and costs 2000 euro per participant.  This is excluding an exam key (available on request)


    Laan van Kopenhagen 100, 3317 DM Dordrecht
    (klik hier voor routebeschrijving)