VerlopenTCP/IP Analysis and Troubleshooting with Wireshark

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    • Datum: 21 oktober 2019 - 25 oktober 2019Tijd: 08:30 - 17:00



    Designed for the Networking, Government and Security personnel that need to develop packet investigation and network optimization skills; this course encompasses key Wireshark skills such as customized software configuration, packet capture and analysis techniques.

    Key areas of study include: Protocol behavior, analysis and threat recognition for a number of the critical user protocols including IPv4, DHCPv4, TCP, UDP, DNS, ICMPv4, as well as common Internet based User Protocols such as HTTP. Specific emphasis on specialized, Real-World analysis techniques including data traffic reconstruction.

    Successful completion of this course will provide these individuals with a path-way into the fields of Network and Forensics Analysis.


    Effective Network analysis and Optimization encompasses the skills of not only capturing data, but also the ability to discern the key patterns hidden within the flood of network traffic. This course will provide the student with a set of investigate and analysis techniques focusing on the use of vendor-neutral, Open-Source Tools such as Wireshark to provide insight into the following areas:

    – Specialized software configuration and packet capture techniques using Wireshark 3.0

    – Behavior, analysis and threat recognition for a number of the standard user version 4 protocols including IP, DHCP, TCP, UDP, DNS, ICMP, ARP and common Internet based User Protocols such as HTTP / HTTP 2.0 / NNTP

    – Specialized filtering and Analysis techniques including data traffic reconstruction and viewing

    Real-World examples will be utilized throughout the course in conjunction with numerous hands-on exercises to provide field proven, practical analysis skills. Attendees will receive a student guide including numerous reference files and networking and forensics tools, as well as a library of reference documents.


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