VerlopenAtmosphere 2019


    Imagine an opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with over 3000 of your peers to learn, collaborate and influence the direction of Aruba products. Only at Atmosphere can you directly interface with those that build the industry’s best enterprise-class technologies in wireless & wired infrastructure and software, security, location services, and analytics & assurance.

    Come and experience the technology, vision, and sights and sounds of Atmosphere to expand your knowledge and value to your organization.

    At Atmosphere, you’ll be able to:

    • Stay on top of what’s happening in networking and security
    • Take your skills and know-how to the next level
    • Learn how to automate and simplify network operations
    • Get certified by the industry leader to increase your value to the organization
    • Connect with and learn from your peers
    • Have fun while working on your development goals

    Today’s mobile-first digital enterprise is fueled by innovations such as BYOD, virtualization, Cloud, and IoT. This presents an exponentially expanded attack surface that is very difficult to defend. The challenge is compounded by highly organized and targeted attacks that are designed to evade traditional security defenses. This track will describe how the Aruba 360 Secure Fabric can help any organization deal with this new and increasingly dangerous cyberattack landscape by leveraging Aruba security products and technologies in an open, multi-vendor security ecosystem.

    Learn more in our Enterprise network security track.

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