Hyper Integration for your network

Modern network infrastructures are complex. An ever-increasing number of users, applications and new technologies need to be integrated into the network infrastructure. All devices require configuration and a connection to one another individually, manually and often in a very time-consuming manner – and in many cases a multitude of times due to the increasing distribution of sites. The consequence: extensive troubleshooting in the event of configuration errors. It’s time for a rethink!

Welcome to the LANCOM Management Cloud

The LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) is the world’s first hyper-integrated management system that intelligently organizes, optimizes, and controls your entire network architecture in terms of its WAN, LAN, WLAN, and Security. Based on the state-of-the-art Software-defined Networking (SDN) technology, it sets new standards in innovative, automated, and future-proof network management and monitoring.

Holistic network orchestration

What is more, it drastically simplifies the provision of integrated networks and makes the manual configuration of individual devices a thing of the past. The system adapts dynamically to your requirements, it is future-proof, and offers maximum security. To bring it to a point: A central system for all devices and networks of every size that can be configured and rolled out with just a few clicks. Days are reduced to minutes!

The hyper-integrated premium portfolio

Hyper Integration means: Routing, switching, Wi-Fi, and security. From SMBs to multi-nationals, LANCOM Systems offers a unique, field-tested, and hyper-integrated lineup of products that are guaranteed to be backdoor-free. The LMC is a holistic system that controls the entire network infrastructure. This is only possible through a perfectly compatible product portfolio: You can quickly and easily transfer all gateways, all routers, all switches, all access points, and all firewalls to the cloud-based network orchestration for a holistic software-defined network.

The right solutions for every need

In this context, Hyper Integration means that you decide on the best model for your purposes: Either by use of the central and securely hosted Public Cloud located in Germany, which offers maximum scalability and data security for installations of all sizes. Alternatively, you can use our Private Cloud and host it in your own data center. This is the ideal solution for observing corporate security policies that require the operation of a Private Cloud without missing out on the features and conveniences of the LMC.

New licensing possibilities with Infrastructure-as-a-Service

IT networks are often implemented using the conventional, static CAPEX model: The system vendor is involved in the planning of the network, the necessary hardware is then procured and put into operation. Later changes or upgrades are laborious and require the on-site presence of network specialists. In contrast to this static approach, the LANCOM Management Cloud not only makes your network agile, future-proof, and easily expandable: it also provides license models that are billed as operating costs (OPEX) and flexibly adapt to your requirements.

Whether you supervise small or large enterprise installations, the LANCOM Management Cloud offers you maximum savings of time and costs, maximum increase in quality and security of your network, maximum agility and flexibility of your IT, and most importantly maximum security of your data.

Find out more about Hyper Integration with the LANCOM Management Cloud, either on our website or live and directly from a LANCOM expert in one of our free online webinars.